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    Junge have friends coming from North Europe

    Confucius said, It's such a delight to have friends coming from afar!
    On May 26th, Junge have friends coming from North Europe, Mr. Hirvonen and his party, that graced Junge's factory with their presence.
    Mr. Hirvonen's company is the leader of their environmental industry, which is professional in disposing of waste water, liquid and different kinds of garbage. His company turns garbage in daily life and industrial production into treasures. It's a high-technology industry company, that is advocated by the public. 
    This time, Mr. Hirvonen came to China is specifically to inspect the molecular distillation equipments of Junge. He knows Junge from one of our clients. He has been interested in Junge strongly, since the other client is full of praise of Junge's equipments and service. After several emails, Mr. Hirvonen decided to visit us determinedly. 
    On May 26th afternoon, our general manager, Mr. Sun went to Wuqing Railway Station to pick the heavyweights personally. They have talked over with each other in receiption room. Mr. Sun has introduced Junge's history, technology advantage and features of our equipments. Mr. Hirvonen and his party kept nodding in praise. Then, Mr. Sun showed them our workshop around. Their first impression of our workshop is clean and well-organized. Our friends stopped in front of one of our producing equipments. Mr. Sun explained their every singal confusion. Our friends thumbed up sincerely to our molecular distillation equipments. 

    At last, Mr. Hirvonen said he would like to purchase molecular distillation equipments from Junge. What's more, he would like to build a long friendly relationship with Junge.  

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