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    Equipment Application:

    Molecular distillation principle:

        Molecular distillation is a special liquid - liquid separation , it is different from the conventional principle of distillation ( boiling point of the substance, different ) , but freedom of movement in different molecules of different molecular weight substance Li Cheng , under high vacuum conditions in which the surface of vaporization and the mean free path of molecules of different sizes between the surface and the condensation degree of evaporation are significantly different, so as to separate different substances .


    Molecular distillation characteristics:

     « Low operating temperature , high vacuum ( load ≤ 1Pa).

     « Short heating time ( in seconds ) will not happen thermal decomposition , high separation efficiency .

     « Can effectively deodorizing , and removing the solvent and impurities .

     « Belong physical separation , can be well protected bleaching to extract the original quality.

     High « degree of separation , easy to form a continuous production , simple operation.

     « Steaming process is short , the molecular mean free path is generally not more than 25mm, less energy consumption.


    Equipment processing areas and processing objects ( products ) :

        Aspects of molecular distillation technology can be used solvent removal products , deodorization, bleaching and demonomerization , mainly used in agriculture, cosmetics industry , plastics industry, food industry , medical industry and chemical industries.


    Application Services :

    1 , molecular distillation related technical consultancy

    2, to provide industrial design production

    3 , project feasibility analysis

    4, the quality of service

    5, the product of small scale and pilot services

    6 , batch processing products 

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