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    Molecule distillation technology, as an advanced international high and new separation technology, has following advantages:
    1.Operation temperature is low (lower than boiling point), with high vacuum (no load ≤1Pa), heating time is short (several seconds) thus no thermal decomposition occurs and the efficiency of separation is high. Specially, it is adapted to separation of high boiling point, heat-sensitive and easy oxidized matters.
    2.Removing low molecule matter (odor removal), heavy molecule matter (decolor) and impurities of mixture.
    3.The course of molecular distillation is a physical separation, preventing separated matter from pollution, especially keeping original quality of  natural extraction. 
    4.The separation degree is higher than the traditional distillation and common thin film evaporator.
    5.Molecular distillation is suitable to realize continuous production and the operation is simple.
    6.Molecule mean free path is generally less than 25mm, so the distillation time is short and energy consumption is low. 

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