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     Tianjin JunGe Molecular DistillationEquipment Co,.Ltd is a high technology company which is registered under the background of Tianjin University, and in the support of many specialists, professors, and professional technical people. Our company is an entity enterprise with powerful research strength, mature production technology, the first-class processing equipment and a good management system. After eight years of study, the company researchers have developed a complete independent intellectual property right of the fourth generation of molecular distillation equipment (FZL-X). In the future, we will continuously improve our core competitiveness in distillation equipment field. We believe that we can supply the best product and service for you. 

    We set up cooperation platform together with Tianjin University, and we invite Professor Li Fenghong of School of Electrical Engineering & Automation as our Senior Technical Adviser and Professor Wang Xiaojing as our Technical Adviser. Thanks to the support of Tianjin University and the hard work of all staff, we have realized rapid development since the company was founded. The company not only has an important place in the manufacture, application and business areas of advanced molecular distillation equipment, and has developed several world-class scientific achievements relying on our own research strengths.

    We would like to share our technology, quality and enthusiasm with you, and we will contribute to improving molecular distillation technology to a new height.








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