Rectification Device

    As a distillation equipment, the separated efficiency of  short path distillator is limited. Even though separating the liquid mixture with low volatility and little molecular, it is difficult to attain the separated effects thoroughly. So fractionation column with many boards can be adopted to separate these materials. To separate high boiling and heating-sensitive materials effectively, we succeed in development a fractional distillation system. There are no materials resorted in the fractional distillation system and it's accessorial equipment (reboiler). It is wide used to separate the materials with high boiling and heating-sensitive precisely, such as rectifying the materials in oil industry, chemical industry, flavor, medicine and so on. In this fractional system we install structured packings (such as Sulzer packing、wire mesh packing) to reduce the settled time and pressure drop of heating-sensitive materials. In order to prevent materials from holding up in tower, we designed the special column internals, such feeding distributed implements, collectors, supported grids and so on. In the same time, we adopt falling film evaporator and roller thin film evaporator with no materials settled to used as reboiler。
    Sometimes, the products at the bottom of the fractional towers are needed to be improved in colour and purification, we suggest our clients to adopt short path
    distillation and thin film evaporator to distill these products. Anyway we will test products and design project according to the characters of materials and clients’
    Besides providing the monomer of fractionation column, we also can provide fractional distillation systems, fraction and distillation plants , laboratory plants and so

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