Thin-film Evaporator

    Basic Principle
    The main difference between thin film evaporator and short path distillator is the alignment of the condenser and the operation pressures. In a thin film evaporator the raw material is heated up in the internal surface of a heated tube until the lower boiling component starts to evaporate. The vapors are then liquefied on the cold tubes of a condenser. In simple thin film evaporator design the condenser is located outside but as close to the evaporator as possible. In a short path distillator the condenser is located inside the evaporator body. Due to the different design details, conventional thin film evaporator can be used down to approx. 1 mbar, whereas short path distillator can be used down to 0.001 mbar. The thin film evaporator is suitable for the separation of large quantities of light volatile components, whereas the short path distillator is suitable for the separation of a heat-sensitive valuable product.
    The vapor nozzle is arranged at the upper edge of the evaporator, so that the vapors are flowing upward through the wiper basket. In this case, the distribution plate is therefore formed as a ring.A sufficiently large dimensioning of the vapor nozzle - dependent from the volume flow and the speed of the vapors is therefore especially important in order to guarantee pressure loss as low as possible and thus low operation pressures.
    Performance Charateristic
    1. Small pressure losing  
    2. High diathermanous coefficient, high evaporating efficiency
    3. low evaporating temperature
    4. short heating time
    5. strong adaptability, easy to operate
    Application Arrange
    The thin film evaporator is used to evaporate, condense, decolor, trip, react, degas, deodorant the materials with high heating-sensitive and easy to oxidate. It is an excellent method for gently thermal treatment of heat sensitive, high boiling products. At present, there are hundreds of products used in thin film evaporator. The thin film evaporator is widely used in medical, pesticide, oil and fatty chemical industry, fine chemical industry, commodity chemical industry, biology chemical industry and so on.
    Applications for the JunGe thin film evaporators are: 
    Typical material
    Chinese traditional medicine industry
    Herbal medicine
    Medicine intermediate
    Pharmacy solution
    Oil and fat industry
    Fatty acid
    Natural pigment
    Ether alcohol sulfate
    Perfume compound and perfume material
    Inorganic chemical industry
    Titanous chloride                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
    White liquor
    Potassium carbonate
    Sodium bromide
    Arsenic trimenthyl
    Bisphenol A
    Synthetic resin
    Synthetic fiber
    Environment care industry
    Waster water of sal glauberi
    Waster water of sodium chloride
    Waster water of sal ammoniac
    Waster water of sulfate of ammonia

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