Molecular Distillation Equipment

    Basic principle
    Molecular distillation is a special liquid-liquid separation technology, which is different from the separation principle of traditional distillation depending on
    boiling point difference. It is depending on the difference of molecular mean free path to separate different matters. Here, molecular mean free path (λ) refers to
    the path between a molecule strikes two times. 
    When the mixture of liquid flows along the heating board and is heated, light and heavy molecule will leave the surface of liquid and enter the vapor phase. Light and
    heavy molecule will have different moving distance when they are in vapor phase because they have different mean free path. Supposing that we put a condensation board
    at the proper position, light molecule can reach the board and will be condensed, then be discharged along the condensation board; while the heavy molecule will not
    reach the board and be discharged along the heating board. Therefore, the objective of separation has been reached.
    Technical Feature
    1. Control the temperature of heating body by adopting our own thermal superconducting technology.  The temperature control accuracy can be 0.5℃.
    2. The equipment has a small size, simple piping, short stating time and is easy to operate. The energy consumption of our equipment is reduced by 25% compared with
    using conduction oil to heat.
    3. By Adopting our own cold trap technology, we can save cooling water and vacuum pipeline, thus to ensure the high efficiency and selectivity of the distillation
    4. Our self-made oil diffusion pump with unique bundling nozzles has a very high compression ratio, and the backpressure can reach more than 160Pa, thus reduce greatly
    the demand for fore vacuum system.  So the energy efficiency ratio is improved and at the same time the cost of production and maintenance is reduced.
    5. We have developed automatic control of continuous rectification section of molecular distillation technology.  Our equipment can separate natural matters, complex
    components and matters with a smaller molecular weight difference. Thus we can help our customers to improve their product quality and competitiveness.
    Product Advantage
    Molecule distillation technology, as an advanced international high and new separation technology, has following advantages:
    1.Operation temperature is low (lower than boiling point), with high vacuum (no load ≤1Pa), heating time is short (several seconds) thus no thermal decomposition
    occurs and the efficiency of separation is high. Specially, it is adapted to separation of high boiling point, heat-sensitive and easy oxidized matters.
    2.Removing low molecule matter (odor removal), heavy molecule matter (decolor) and impurities of mixture.
    3.The course of molecular distillation is a physical separation, preventing separated matter from pollution, especially keeping original quality of  natural
    4.The separation degree is higher than the traditional distillation and common thin film evaporator.
    5.Molecular distillation is suitable to realize continuous production and the operation is simple.
    6.Molecule mean free path is generally less than 25mm, so the distillation time is short and energy consumption is low.
    Application Arrange
    Fine Chemicals
    Separation of nitric acid from organic high boiling liquids
    Separation of butane (butyne) diol from high boiling liquids
    Recovery of methanol from high boiling liquids
    Recovery of xylenol (dimethylphenol) from a purification solution
    Removal of hexane from PP and PE waxes
    Drying of salt via the evaporation of water and solvent
    Separation of phenol from bituminous coal pitch
    Distillation of starting products for the production of insecticides
    Separation of byproducts in the production of synthetic fibers
    Distillation of TDI, HDI and MDI (isocyanates)
    Final removal of toluene from epoxy resin
    Separation of THF from polymers
    Distillation of trimethylpropane from high boiling liquids
    Recovery of solvents from synthetic resin production
    Lactic acid, starch and sugar
    Lactic Acid, starch and sugar
    Upgrading and distillation of lactic acid
    Upgrading of tartaric acid derivatives
    Concentration of sweetening agents
    Concentration of modified starch
    Concentration of active ingredient solutions
    Distillation of pharmaceutical substances
    Upgrading of substances for artificial feeding
    Oleochemicals, Fatty Acids,Biodiesel
    Separation of dioxin from surfactants
    Removal of free fatty acids from mon, di and triglycerides
    Distillation of monoglycerides
    Distillation of fatty acids from tall oil
    Distillation of fatty acid methyl esters
    Separation of residual glycerine from residues in biodiesel production (glycerine dryer)
    Drying of industrial sludge
    Drying & pre-concentration of municipal sewage sludge
    Drying of hydroxide sludge
    Drying of inorganic salt solutions
    Drying of preliminary and intermediate products from chemical industry
    Drying of suspensions, pastes and moist solids into powder
    Drying of lubricants for forging industry 

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